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How do we view Crossfit?

This is arguably the most controversial topic that we will attempt to write about here, but...It is a way to get some of the myths and facts appropriately categorized.

First...What is CrossFit?

Well, according to the official website, CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Does this sound like this is for the average 9 to 5'er who lightly participates in low impact weekend activities?  Or is this more directed towards the former/current athlete that wants to step up their game?  CrossFit should be a way to improve your already elite phase of your workout, not a starting point for someone who wants 'to get back in shape'.

Now, I may upset my fellow trainers that believe that the way to six pack abs is CrossFit...Truth is that someone can get EXTREMELY hurt with the workouts that are being used from day to day.  We have seen many people at the gym come in the next week with sprains and pulls because no one taught them to perform a Clean and Snatch properly. 

With that being said, we see average people get hurt when they start working out on a daily basis as it throw an advanced training method and someone could do serious damage to themselves without a proper training partner.  The added benefit that CrossFit brings to the workout doesn't weigh half as much as the setback someone can take if/when they get injured...not to mention the motivation gets lost in translation with everyday you don't go to the gym.

Alright, I bashed the CrossFit workout enough, it's only fair that we talk about the benefits...Bottom line, It burns twice as many calories than any resistance workout out there right now. 

We have two athletes that utilize the techniques of CrossFit and incorporate them into their own workouts, and they ARE BEASTS in competition.  They are TOP RANKED in the Spartan Race world and they will probably tell you that CrossFit training has a lot to do with their competitive advantage in their world. 

As we said before, CrossFit gives the athlete that kind of next level advantage someone needs to shed weight and lean out.  The ideology behind this is that of training a boxer...the key is to increase your heart rate to a maximum (about 85/90%) limit while performing the exercise and then drop the heart rate to an elevated resting level with the least amount of time possible.  Your heart sends blood flow to your body by pumping faster output than input, causing to create oxygenation to the muscles worked.  The faster the pump the more oxygen, then at rest, the blood flow slows down and you are back to square one...then you elevate it again.  The calories it takes to get back up to the maximum heart rate is greater than maintaining the heart elevated, thereby burning more calories under one exercise.  Think of interval training with weights.  Enough dorky science for you???  Me too.

Mark Long, Founder of the newest and best Protein Supplement on the market "POCKET PROTEIN" shares the more conservative approach to CrossFit:

"Although I love the idea of group training or what he calls TRIBE training, CrossFit has built its core premise around the number if exercises/reps in a predetermined amount of time. The concern I have is usually when people are trying to rush through the exercises against a clock, their form is the first thing that suffers and you leave yourself open for injury."  Mark likes the concept of CrossFit, but he stresses to not race through the WOD (Workout Of the Day) and keep form to avoid injury.

So what type of person do you associate with?  The athlete?  Or the 9-5er? Or a little of both?  Well, ask yourself the question, "Can I jump on the treadmill and run a mile without stopping at a moderate pace?" If the answer is yes then you can probably take on the CrossFit work out, BUT GO AT YOUR OWN PACE!  For the rest of you who get out of breath when you walk from the car to the house carrying your groceries, then I suggest holding off at the intensive workout that is CrossFit. 

..Or just get a personal trainer that can help you get to your goals in half the time!

Be Well Team!

So, where do you put yourself

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